How to download 10Cric On Androids and iOS?


People who prefer to get engaged in online betting and want to bet through the 10Cric betting app must know how to download it on their mobile phones. 10Cric is a mobile-based app that allows people to bet anywhere and allows them to keep a proper eye on all their bets. There are two different mobile versions, and people mainly use both versions; one is Android, and another one is iOS, and different people use different phones.

You might be aware that 10Cric is an Indian app, and it allows Indian bettors to get a safe and secure platform for betting on multiple sports. The main reason people consider 10CRIC India is that it greatly impacts their betting skills as they can bet via their mobile phones by downloading this app. Once people learn how to download this app on their Androids or iOS mobile phones, it will be easy for them to bet openly at any time.

You can consider the following information for more details about the downloading process of the 10Cric betting app for Androids and iOS. It will help you know about the wonderful downloading steps that will help you get the app into your mobile phones.

Steps to Download 10Cric


For Androids

The people who opt for getting 10Cric on their Android mobile phones, then it is a must for them to know about the major steps for downloading it. Most people prefer to have Androids as they find this mobile version easy to handle and comes within the people’s budget.

The steps that can help you download the app into your mobile phones are very easy, and once you consider them properly, it will allow you to have an easy understanding. To download 10Cric in Androids, you have to create an account and to understand the proper steps; you can stay focused on the following points:

  1. Firstly you have to open an account with 10CRIC India, and it will only take few minutes to sign-up with the app.
  2. Once you create an account, you will reach the app’s direct page and where you have to click on the ‘Download Button.’
  3. Then your phone will ask for the change in your ‘Settings’ menu, and then you have to visit your security settings and tick the unknown sources option.
  4. Once you allow the unknown sources option, it will help you begin the app’s installation process into your Androids.
  5. Finally, you will find the downloaded 10Cric app in the Downloads folder, and you can start with your multiple bets.

For iOS

The people who use the iOS mobile version might not be aware that how to download 10Cric on their mobile phones, due to which they face major troubles. Once the people get to know how to download the mentioned betting app on their iOS, it will allow them to have a wonderful betting platform on their mobile phones.

The people who have a major interest in the betting world must grab some basic info about the 10Cric betting app so that they can happily opt for it. It is compulsory for the people to build their trust toward the site first and then connect with it as it will allow them to have a great impact on their betting skills and to earning capacity. For more details about the major steps for downloading 10Cric on iOS mobile phones, you can stay focused on the following points:

  1. First of all, you have to be sure that you have a live account on the 10CRIC India betting app as the iOS mobile version requires a live app. It will help you to get easy access to multiple installation aspects for your mobile phone.
  2. Then on your iPhone, you have to click on your website’s ‘Download App’ page.
  3. After that, you have to click on the ‘Download and Install’ button and click the Install button when the on-screen prompt appears.
  4.  Finally, you will see the 10Cric app on your device’s home screen.

People who use Androids and iOS mobile versions and want to download the 10CRIC India betting app on their mobiles can stay focused on the details mentioned above. It will help you know about the easiest steps to get the app on your mobile phones and help you greatly impact your betting and learning aspects. When you are done with the info, you can better understand the major steps that can help you download the mentioned app on your mobile phones.

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